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Biography & statement

My paintings are expressionist, highly textural works that are stimulating and uplifting. I want to brighten up people's daily life through the power of color. My technique involves a heavy use of the palette knife to maintain the focus on color and texture. The resulting imagery of my creative process is a vibrant and playful splash of energy.

I was born in Minneapolis, USA in 1975, grew up in Germany and have lived in Switzerland, England, and China. After a long corporate career, I now live my dream of being an artist since a few years back in Sigtuna, Sweden. Apart from that I am also a Business Developer.

I am self-taught, but enjoyed the mentoring experience from Exile Professor Shahab Mousavizadeh from Teheran University of Arts during my young, formative years in Bonn, Germany. Growing up surrounded by works from artists in my family such as Ivar Arosenius, Birgit Forsell, Anton Dich and Tore Nyberg also triggered my interest in the field. 

My work often originates from different moments that I have experienced or a feeling that I want to convey. In the beginning my paintings focused on the figurative, buildings and structures, but now I gravitate more and more towards nature, as well as a higher degree of abstraction. 

My University studies consist of an MBA from Gothenburg School of Economics and Law, an MSc in Informatics from Gothenburg IT-University and Mandarin studies from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.